Tuesday, May 21, 2013

bartering = joy

I've recently had a few super-positive and fun bartering experiences. Come to think of it, all of my experiences with bartering have, in fact, been super-positive and fun. I guess that's just the way bartering is. 
Amazing orange giant-rose-print teatowel skirt makes for a jealous Pearl
Maybe it's because money, while (unfortunately) necessary, isn't actually as fun as some of the things I've recently been bartering for, like handmade recycled silver earrings and boxes of completely ace-balls haberdashery. Don't get me wrong: I love sewing and being paid for it. But when I'm sewing, I'm not usually thinking about the money - I'm thinking about what that money will be used for. Take Yolanda's dresses: While I was sewing them, I wasn't thinking about the cash, I was thinking about an electric fence. And if Yolanda was up for it (and was in that line of business) I would have happily traded some frocks for an electric fence. So I guess in instances like that one, money is kind of handy. But in other cases - like the case of these here skirts - direct trade is completely ace.
Zip it right on down!
A few months ago, I found out that my supremely talented friend Nicole was having a garage sale. Nicole's garage sales are... well... they're unbelievable, on account of Nicole being an incredible hunter-gatherer of all things beautiful. She's so good at collecting beautiful things, she doesn't have time to use them all, so occasionally has garage sales.

Being as we are now located in Bega, attending Nicole's sale (in Sydney) wasn't really an option. Luckily for me, Nicole is lovely, and she was happy to make a personalised selection of wares, which she sent down to me. Her 'price'? A P&E skirt. I. Feel. Lucky.
Printed velvet + bright floral teatowel = fun times
Shamefully, Nicole's box of goodies arrived some months ago and I've only just gotten to the skirt. Extra-shamefully, Nicole was the recipient of a custom P&E skirt for Christmas, which has also only just been done. I don't want to list excuses - let's just say I'm sorry.

And I hope that the skirts are satisfactory!

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