Friday, June 15, 2012

They made it!

I was a little bit thrilled to see that the stones I made for Morag have arrived at their destination and are now hanging out with more than 300 other gorgeous handmade stones.

They're all so lovely. I am really looking forward to seeing them all stitched together. Jude, the woman responsible for this project does some crazy-good stitching...

And speaking of crazy-good beautiful loveliness in my life, this week The String Contingent's new CD arrived in the mail, having been lovingly posted to us by our new friend Holly. I kind of suspected it would be awesome when I had a peek at their website and discovered that the band was made up of a fiddle, a double bass and a guitar, and that they were all super-accomplished musicians: I figured the chances of their music being crap were fairly slim. Not only is it not-crap, it is the most perfect soundtrack to our life right now, driving through the countryside, hanging out by the fire in our new tiny farm cottage, wearing a glorious array of hand-knitted oppie finds and enjoying the fog and mistiness of Bega in the wintertime. Furthermore, Olive has declared it to be most suitable ballet music. If you are looking for a similar soundtrack this winter I wholeheartedly encourage you to have a listen.

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