Thursday, May 12, 2011

Loving the t-blouse

What do you wear when you need something a little more fancy than a t-shirt, but you don't want to deal with buttons and a collar? A t-blouse!

I first made one of these for Pearl about 5 years ago, an since then have made quite a few for her, myself, and anyone else who asks me nicely. My own t-blouse is so well-worn that it's almost falling to pieces and has rips and holes all over it (ironic, I know, given that I could just make myself another one, but there's so much else to sew! I can't just sit around sewing for myself!!). I really love wearing it with my skinny jeans, as it does an excellent job of covering up the ubiquitous muffin-top associated with such pant items (it is ubiquitous, right??). Sweet!

These little babies I made for my totally HOT and awesome friend Niki. She admired my muffin-disguising top about a year ago, so I made her one of her own. She's a fan, so I made her 2 more. Nothing like a series, right?

They're made from cotton (sheets, tablecloths etc), have cute little cap sleeves (or longer if you, like Pearl, are a fan of being protected from the sun), and are cut on the bias so they have a nice amount of stretch and fit just right, in all the right places. And of course, a lovely scoop neck. Yay! So the key-words here are: flattering, comfy and kinda-smart. Winning combo, yes?

I LOVE that Niki picked the mustard-with-pink-and-purple-flowers tablecloth, as I absolutely adore it. It's going to looks gorgeous on her, and I'm kind of happy it's staying in the family.

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