Monday, December 6, 2010

Yay love!

I've said it before, but I'll say it again: I reckon making a wedding frock for someone is the honour of sewing honours. Simultaneously stressful (SO bad to get it wrong) and elating (AMAZING when you get it right), the brainstorming, creating, sewing and wearing of a wedding dress is one of my favourite things. The process of working with someone to create a piece of clothing that they will love is always quite exhilarating. But when it's a wedding dress, to be worn on the day that they publicly (or sometimes privately) declare their love, is something else. I love it. Everything about it. Ok, well maybe in the case of the wren wedding dress the metres of blue net ruffle involved in the petticoat was a little bit trying, but really, the end result was unspeakably fulfilling for me. What more can I say?

The dress came together after a lunch, some chit-chat, a peruse of my vintage dress patterns and old tea-towels and tablecloths. What we settled on was a neutral-coloured dress (our original plan was for some kind of organic cotton) with a blue-wren obi-style belt and a coloured petticoat and train to pick up the blue of the wren print. Ally really wanted a dress she could wear again after the wedding, so it was important not to make it look too 'wedding-y'. For this reason, the petticoat was kept separate, and the dress was made so that, if she wanted, it could be made into a skirt. From what I've heard though, she's pretty keen on it as a dress, so the separation probably isn't going to happen.

Ally and Richard, the bride and groom, are spectacular people, and their wedding day looks like it was a fitting celebration of an inspiring love between two incredible people. Yay love!


  1. Annie you're an absolute star and thank you sooo much for the time and love you put into making this special dress of love!!

    Hugs, love and bubbles of happiness,


  2. Aha how funny, I read the Happy Earth blog all the time for gardening purposes, saw their lovely wedding photos, then weeks later quite separately decide to see about you making me some work dresses and find that you made that beautiful wedding dress! What lovely networks makers & crafters & gardeners form!