Saturday, September 10, 2011

Brightness is a possibility

Recently, I got a skirt order from Bec (of Georgie Love fame) requesting that her skirt be "as bright as possible", with a "large overlap so the wind doesn't blow the skirt open to expose her unmentionables". I was excited. Brightness, you see, is one of the reasons I started sewing. At a very young age, I was disappointed not to be able to find Cyndi-Lauper-esque clothes in shops, so my ma and I embarked upon a years-long, ongoing project to create clothing that was "as bright as possible". Yep, I was one of those girls with flouro pink and/or red hair, wearing lots of sequins, faux fur and clothes made out of kids' sheets. Yay! And while I'm not so much into the kids' sheets and sequins any more, I still love a brightly coloured tablecloth or 7, and a multitude of coloured tights, red shoes, electric blue mascara etc etc.
Sooooo... apart from Bec being one of the funnest people to sew for (see this blog post about her top) she's also a woman after my own heart when it comes to brightness.
The fabric I chose for her brighter-than-bright wrap skirt is a totally wowsers floral number that I picked up from Pearl's slightly eccentric Aunty Margot. Now, a great deal of my fabric could be categorised as "not for everyone". This piece though, kind of takes that category to a new level. But I knew it was right for Bec. So, Bec, here's letting you know that brightness is indeed possible. I hope you dig it. Oh, and the overlap flap is made of yellow seersucker. Here's to modesty.

In other brightness news, I had another request from another Georgie Love lady, Sal, to make a skirt for her BFF who is, apparently "sunny" and also into bright. Now, can I just say here that Sal and I have only met in person ONE TIME. At this meeting she, with a little help from DH Lawrence, talked me into buying a very very flash pair of red linen sailor pants made by High Tea With Mrs Woo. The most expensive item of clothing I own. By far. But they look like this, and I love them, so it doesn't matter.

Though I have to say I NEVER wear mine rolled up, but whatever... horses for courses...
Anyway, Sal is tops. She has been super-encouraging and supportive of my little sewing venture and probably, if it weren't for Sal and Georgie Love, P&E would be... well, I'm not sure exactly what, but definitely not as productive, that's for sure. AND she's gorgeous. And funny. And, somewhat unsurprisingly, has a BFF who's sunny and into vintage, colourful, pink, yellow, animals etc.

So the skirt, then, was kind of easy. I picked out my favourite fabric in my collection which, I think, almost fits into the "not for everybody" category, being as it is quite pink and green and red and yellow. To add the animal and vintage element, I used an ex-kids' curtain from the 60s. I know it's from the 60s coz it came out of the bedroom of my friend Jan, who's 53. Her parents hung it when she was a baby. Voila: sunny, colourful, vintage animals. And toys. Fun times, no?
In fact, this skirt is so fun that it actually falls into the category of "wish I made it for myself". Oh and then, after I took the photos of the skirt, I walked inside and saw this flower arrangement that Pearl had made for her birthday

and I thought "crikeys, I wish that was a repeat pattern on some fabric". But it's not, but that's OK because it's in my dining room, right next to my sewing machine so I get to look at it. It reminds me that brightness is not only possible, but also loverly.


  1. Love it, it is so bright and gorgeous and I want summer to be here already so I can wear this little pop of colour around and be all like, what? when people are discreetly putting on their sunglasses. Love. It. Thanks Miss Annie, genius as usual!

  2. I have been jealous of Bec's top since I saw it here. Now I am not with child anymore, I need to get my act into gear and order some for spring and summer.

    As for Erin's skirt, that is seriously beyond perfect and I think she will cry when she sees the animal print - gorgeous!!!!!! Thanks so much Annie! :-D


  4. You are amazing and man, they are some seriously fab fabrics! How awesome is using a vintage curtain that is vintage because it's from your friend's nursery? I mean seriously, THAT IS SO COOL!