Wednesday, July 23, 2014

It's time for a P&E by-donation skirt clear-out fundraiser!

Hi team! (yes, I think of you all as my team... Hope that's cool)

I realised today that I have a big stack of P&E skirts hanging about that need to go and do their thing in the world, so I'm offering them to you, blog readers, as part of a clear-out sale, where skirts will be available by donation. That's right folks - if you want one of these skirts, send me an email - - outlining the skirt you want and the amount you'd like to pay. This should be based on what you can afford and what you think the skirt is worth. Seriously - you name the price. Cool yeh?

If you really can't afford one, but want one, I'm also open to bartering, so email me. Especially if your bartering offer involves corflute signs (I can use them for the chook houses) or green and/or red/pink/yellow/orange wool (crocheting a blanket).

In the past, during these kind of clearances, some skirts have proven to be more popular than others and have been snaveled up very quickly, leaving some disappointed people in their wake. If this happens again, the highest bidder will be the 'winner' and will get the skirt. This is because I am a mercenary, capitalist scumbag. And also because the money raised from this clear-out will go towards building new houses for our Autumn Farm pastured meat chickens. Fair enough, right?

The skirt sale ends next wednesday, when any unclaimed skirts will be sent to the op shop. So I guess Bega Valley readers can try their luck with that.

I'm listing them with the waist (top of the skirt - you don't have to wear it on your waist if you don't want to) measurement in cm, because I don't make to sizes like 12 or 14.
Oh, and these 2 little skirts, for little people, will be given away for free, on request, with the purchase of another grown-up skirt. Just let me know which one you want.

So now's your chance - get ye-self a lovely P&E skirt and contribute to some new chicken houses.

Go team!
Reclaimed Australian Fauna tablecloth A-line,  82cm

Wren-pocket wrap 'n go,  84cm. You can give or take a few cm for this one as it's a wrap skirt

Souvenir of Norfolk Island (it's blue on the back), 77cm

Fishing A-line, 102cm
Purple vintage curtains with pockets,  82cm

Grafton mini skirt,  96cm

Cornwall mini skirt, 92cm

Vintage embroidered swan pocket A-line,  84cm
Navy velvet with vintage print side panels A-line,  79cm

Vintage pink print with embroidered pockets A-line, 66cm

Cross-stitch print with vintage doily pocket, 91cm
Horse pocket wrap 'n go, 85cm (give or take a bit)

Pin stripe A-line with embroidered pocket, 77cm

Vintage hiking person pocket A-line,  85cm
Teeny tiny but extremely gorgeous, perhaps for the discerning tween in your life? 67cm


  1. Ok so I've had remorse about the auction thing, so the sale is now first in best dressed. And things are selling fast! So if you want something, let me know NOW! x

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