Thursday, August 30, 2012

Our neck of the woods: thursday

Another thing I'm really loving about this riding shenanigans is that the light and the ride and the temperature is all a bit different depending on the time I leave. This morning I left a little later than usual, because Pearl had her regular little spot on the local ABC radio talking about the SCPA markets (of which she is the most delightful and skilled co-ordinator). It was still frigidly cold riding down to the river flat, but there was no frost waiting for me, as there normally is. 
When I reached the bottom of the hill, I took this photo.

Then I started on my long flat ride along Buckajo road, which snakes along beside the river, and looks a lot like this.

Both legs of my journey - to and from work - are facing into the sun, so this photo is really reminiscent to me of my riding experiences in this later wintery time. But it's changing every day, and I know that in 2 weeks time the sun won't be so much in my eyes, and there probably won't be any more frost. I won't miss the cold, or arriving at work with my face so frozen I find it kind of funny to try to talk, but I will miss the sparkle, that's for sure.

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